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Vapour Phase Reflow Soldering Technology
VP-Mini Condensation Reflow Soldering Machine

DF Applications machines are designed for reflow soldering of laboratory, prototype, or small quantities of PCB assemblies. Components such as QFPs, BGAs, Flip-Chips as well as hybrids are processed defect free with the highest quality results.

The small system footprint allows use in any location. It's simple and fast set-up ensures a quick start-up, providing the ability to quickly solder high quality assemblies defect free.

VP-MIni Max PCB-size: 240x170mm

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VP-Jumbo Condensation Reflow Soldering Machine

Our machines offer you all the advantages of the vapor phase process and therefore the best possible soldering quality:

No overheating of any components. (Defined maximum temperature through special fluid)

No DeltaT, even between very different components, because of the very good and homogeneous temperature transfer.

Optimal wetting by the inert atmosphere during the complete soldering process.

Fully automatic process, no adjustment of programs necessary.

VP-Jumbo Max PCB-size: 430x230mm

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