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Assembléon is a global supplier of Surface Mount
Technology (SMT) Pick & Place solutions for the
electronics manufacturing industry.

Assembléon is a trustworthy partner, providing full application support, training and services.
The Best Value of Ownership in high volume and high product mix environments.

More than ever, pick & place solutions require the versatility to mix and match large and small batches with a low or a high product mix at increasingly demanding quality levels, while still keeping operating costs low without sacrificing performance levels. This is where the A-Series comes in, offering the best value of ownership.

The AX-501 and AX-301 can be scaled in small steps to the desired output capacity on the same machine meeting your production demands, permanently or temporarily. Called true capacity on demand, this concept is the most effective way of dealing with production peaks, saving over 20% in investment costs by temporarily adding extra rented capacity

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Quality in a flexible package.

iFlex is a new intelligent and flexible SMT solution for electronics manufacturers. Deliver the right quantities at the highest quality on time to your customers with iFlex, our new pick & place solution that brings Assembléon’s unique quality levels to your growing product mix environment. The flexibility built into iFlex allows manufacturers to assemble high-quality PCBs at any quantity, no matter how much variety. This makes iFlex ideal for the high product mix environments increasingly being demanded in the industry.

With three modules, iFlex can be configured to tailor assembly lines -from 1 to more than 8 modules- for any production need.
  • iFlex T4 suits chip and small IC shooting (4 placement robots, placement speed of 51,000 cph, 128 twin tape feeder positions).
  • iFlex T2 is aimed at flexible placements (2 placement robots, placement speeds of 24,000 cph, 128 twin tape feeder positions).
  • iFlex H1 is for ICs and fine pitch placements (1 placement robot, placement speed of 7,100 cph, max 146 twin tape feeder positions/max 30 tray positions).
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